Apples in fruit salad.

So I brought in one of those fruit salad cups for lunch. Just grabbed it from the fridge. Didn’t stop to look at the contents until I was about to eat it.

Ugh there’s apple in it. If I wanted apply I’d buy one in the shop

This was my thought as I saw the contents. I understand putting melon and mango in fruit salad. You’re not just gonna buy one in the shop as a snack and tuck in. Which people do everyday with apples. Not me though…. I have never been a fan of the auld

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

And really my disliking of apples only really roused its head as an issue around Halloween time. Lets just say I have never win at bobbing for apples. 
Anyway I tentatively took a nibble on a piece of the cut up apple and realised it wasn’t nearly as bad as I recalled. Almost tasty now. This was when I realised the apple wasnt the enemy at all but the mystery fruits in fruit salads.
By the time I was done all the apple was gone and had gone down quite nicely. But a few cubes of the mystery fruits remained. They may have been pear, they may have been melon. Who knows. All I know is that whatever they are, they are not to my taste.

Lettuce not overreact

CATASTROPHE struck this morning!
Whilst making myself a healthy salad lunch a piece of lettuce fell into my tea!!!
Now we have all experienced the stressful, heart wrenching biscuit in the tea.
But lettuce in the tea, now that really takes the biscuit.

My attempts to be healthy we’re going so well yesterday until free pizza arrived… My Achilles heel.
Free stuff and dominos pizza, the two things I can’t say no to.
So again today I thought

right salad for lunch, that’ll fix the pizza slip

But even the salad is telling me no as it throws itself to the warm death of tea.
Maybe even the lettuce is feeling the cold today and noticed the ongoing blizzard outside the window.

Motivational Monday

Most people hate Monday, but I don’t really feel that way. I always find I am at my most motivated on Monday, planning out an active and healthy week for myself…

  • Gym
  • salads 
  • study etc…

So far today the study has not really begun, plans to attend the gym are still in my mind and in my bag I have a packed lunch of a homemade chicken something and a chopped up tomato which I have to eat because I have no money to buy something else.

 So at least being poor can stand to me by helping me maintain a healthy(ish) diet… Right!?! 

Can’t cake it.

Yup this is it, I am gonna be healthy this week!

I should have known the week of my little sisters 18th birthday was not a good choice. 

For the past 20 mins or so I have been cutting myself a “sliver” of cake, eating it, going back for more and repeat. Because it’s just a sliver don’t feel so bad. Or just picking off bits of icing I think… 

Meh this doesn’t really count.

But it does, it counts. Now I am stuffed of chocolate biscuit cake and am ready to go to bed with a happy fatty full Flano tummy 🙂