I’m nerdy and I know it.

You know you’re a nerd when you find lab goggles in your coat pocket. Not your lab coat, thatd be expected….. nah I am talking just an every day kinda coat.

I’ve been known to say I hate science, studying or just the general learning. But who hasn’t at some stage or another.
The sad reality is I don’t hate it (well except for the studying obviously) and if I hear of something I don’t know much about like a disease or a gene or a new method or experiment I’m likely to look it up. The plants and food kinda stuff doesn’t interest me so much. But the people stuff does.
If people weren’t so gross and full of blood and guts I think being a doctor coulda been a good route for me. But I defo could not be dealing with sick people or with cutting people open. Now that would just make me sick.

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