Banana pancakes.

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Exams and all that jazz got in the way.

As I have mentioned before I have become quite the fan of bananas lately so I decided to try my hand at banana pankcakes.


The first attempt didn’t go so smoothly. I put too much batter on the pan. Couldn’t flip the cakes over and ended up with a pancakey mess… But it was tasty all the same.

My second attempt (which is pictured above) was entirely more successful. I discovered making four small pancakes was the way to go rather than one or two large ones.

To finish them off I added strawberries and raspberries afterwards for some extra flavour. And the final result was a tasty success.


Recipe: to serve one
1 medium banana
1 medium egg
1 level tablespoon of plain flour
Berries of your choice

How to make them:
Break up banana and blend until smooth
Beat in one egg (use a hand whisk or fork)
Beat in flour until there are no clumps

Heat pan, but at a low heat, with some olive oil
Add batter in small amounts to make pancakes roughly the size of a saucer
Arrange fruit on plate and heat slightly under a grill to warm and soften them

Dig in and enjoy 😀

As a final note I have started a Vlog for when I am in Chicago. This weeks is not food related but some will be. So here is the link if you wish to check it out:

You’ve been hit by a Smoothie Criminal.

So yesterday morning I was gonna have a banana for breakfast which is my new fave fruit. But I noticed it was gone kinda soft so I had what I thought was a great idea…..make a smoothie.
I had a look around to see if we had any other fruit and yoghurt to add to it. We had a mixed melon selection and some vanilla yoghurt. So I thought “yup this’ll work”.
Unfortunately we don’t have a real blender so I had to improvise by adding the contents to my lovely cocktail shaker and use a lil hand held blender thing.


It all began quite well. The banana blended up very nicely. But then I hit the melon. The hand held blender was just having no effect. I poured off the banana into a glass and tried chopping up the melon smaller and trying again. But to no avail. I just had a somewhat sloppy melon mess.
I had to get inventive, because this approach was getting me no where.
I transferred the melon mess to a breakfast bowl, chopped it up really small and had one last attempt at blending it.
SUCCESS. I was delighted.


It was time to combine the contents and taste my master piece. I poured the melon mix into the banana mix and stirred it with one of the cocktail stirrers. It didnt look half bad. Looked fairly homogenous, correct thickness and an inviting shade of pinch. I popped in a couple of straws – one pink one orange because I thought they went well with the smoothie colour – and had my first taste.
It wasn’t half bad. A little over sweet perhaps. It tasted just like those “Drumstick” lollipops. And sure it still had a lump or two. But all in all I was pretty durn pleased with my healthy breakfast concoction.