You’re such a Tease…..r

I could not have been happier to learn that this has been invented…….


……but then I tasted it.

I was expecting the luscious smush centre that fills the delicious Malteaster Bunnies.

However, I was just met with a hard crunchy middle, filled with broken up normal Malteaser centre.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still nice.

But if they thought this could be a year round replacement for the bunnies…. They are MISTAKEN!!!

Where is the smush?? WHERE IS IT???

College work gives me a serious case of the Fat Flanos.

I cannot stop eating this weekend.

I chose to stay home and do college work rather than go to the library because on weekends it does not stay open as late as usual.

I set up camp at the kitchen table because it has the most room (my bedroom desk looks like a disaster zone).

However, being so close to all the food has been detrimental. I’ve done more eating and snacking and nibbling than I have done work. And in the breaks of eating I have just been drinking tea. Lots and lots of sugary tea.

If it was healthy snacking that’d be ok, but it was Easter a week ago. There is chocolate everywhere. Half eaten eggs, packs of creme eggs, bunnies, chicks…. It’s all here. Ready to be devoured.

Even the weather has been decent (typical for when work needs to be done). So I thought I’d go running to counteract all the eating. But here I sit, still in my onesie, laptop open, chocolate within reach.

If I ever get diabetes college will be to blame.


Pringles – the test of true strength

If there is a person in the world who has ever taken one Pringle, JUST ONE, and was able to say “that’s enough for me“, well then I think we can all agree they are probably the strongest willed person in the world.
In fact I feel if some one took just one helping, yano four or five and didn’t go back for more thats fairly damn strong too.
Forget tests of men pulling trucks with their beards or lifting giant boulders, hand em a pack of Pringles and see how long they can resist.

Myself and the mother just powered through the majority of a pack of sour cream and onion all because I saw a Pringles ad and thought “I MUST HAVE SOME. NOW!!!“.
And then dip got involved…. Guacamole, it was the only one open. Nomnomnom. I’m a sucker for crisps (chips if you’re American) and dips. What can I say…. I’m weak.