Who am I? Just guess!

Where to begin???….

Shortly I’ll be entering the “real world” and will have to decide what I want to do with my life for real. I love college, it’s like the safely net from the real world. It allows us to choose when we go in, when we don’t, when we go out socialising or when we stay in. So I have definitely tried to enjoy it to the maximum. I’ve gone out as much as money would allow and been as involved as much as possible in college society life.
The thoughts of finishing are daunting. Should I stay, should I emigrate? Should I get a job, should I travel? At the moment I’m thinking travel, then emigrate to get a job. I don’t want to leave forever, but all my life I’ve very much been in the same place. My house, primary school, secondary school and university are all probably in a 5km radius of one another. I need to spread my wings.
I am a massive procrastinator and not even in a productive way. I’m not the kind of person who will procrastinate for a day but by the end of that day they have tidied their whole room, baked a cake and in the mean time reorganised the kitchen into a more efficient lay out. But in the end I still get everything done. Working under pressure is the best motivation for me. Also competition motivates me well. I like to be the best at EVERYTHING. Even if its something I wouldn’t usually care about all that much. Stuff like being the quietest at coming in after a night out. Or even at household chores like ironing… That was until I realised that’s how I would get asked to do them again, so I quickly got rather bad at that.
I’ve started this blog because of a suggestion from a friend. She said she always got amused by my tweets about food and would love to read more. I suppose that’s the main downfall of twitter, it’s 140 word count. So the same day she said it I googled how to make a blog and well now here I am. Part of the blogosphere. I’m still trying to get the hang of it but I like it so far… My new method of procrastination. Let’s just see how I get on.

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