Banana pancakes.

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Exams and all that jazz got in the way.

As I have mentioned before I have become quite the fan of bananas lately so I decided to try my hand at banana pankcakes.


The first attempt didn’t go so smoothly. I put too much batter on the pan. Couldn’t flip the cakes over and ended up with a pancakey mess… But it was tasty all the same.

My second attempt (which is pictured above) was entirely more successful. I discovered making four small pancakes was the way to go rather than one or two large ones.

To finish them off I added strawberries and raspberries afterwards for some extra flavour. And the final result was a tasty success.


Recipe: to serve one
1 medium banana
1 medium egg
1 level tablespoon of plain flour
Berries of your choice

How to make them:
Break up banana and blend until smooth
Beat in one egg (use a hand whisk or fork)
Beat in flour until there are no clumps

Heat pan, but at a low heat, with some olive oil
Add batter in small amounts to make pancakes roughly the size of a saucer
Arrange fruit on plate and heat slightly under a grill to warm and soften them

Dig in and enjoy 😀

As a final note I have started a Vlog for when I am in Chicago. This weeks is not food related but some will be. So here is the link if you wish to check it out:

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