Pringles – the test of true strength

If there is a person in the world who has ever taken one Pringle, JUST ONE, and was able to say “that’s enough for me“, well then I think we can all agree they are probably the strongest willed person in the world.
In fact I feel if some one took just one helping, yano four or five and didn’t go back for more thats fairly damn strong too.
Forget tests of men pulling trucks with their beards or lifting giant boulders, hand em a pack of Pringles and see how long they can resist.

Myself and the mother just powered through the majority of a pack of sour cream and onion all because I saw a Pringles ad and thought “I MUST HAVE SOME. NOW!!!“.
And then dip got involved…. Guacamole, it was the only one open. Nomnomnom. I’m a sucker for crisps (chips if you’re American) and dips. What can I say…. I’m weak.

3 thoughts on “Pringles – the test of true strength

  1. What an accurate post! It’s been such a long time since I had pringles, so I bought a can recently, and had to knock myself out before I finished the whole thing in one sitting. I, too, am weak. Very weak.

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