Food with a face.

This is NOT a vegetarian blog entry.

I am not a vegetarian and this is not a blog about eating animals… Well not the real life type.
Rather this is about my feeling on a topic that is specific to holiday times, mostly Easter and sometimes Christmas……
The eating of chocolate animals!!!

Every Easter an array of chocolate bunnies, chicks, sheep, ducks – pretty much any type of barnyard animal you like – appear on our supermarket shelves. I have already expressed how I have always found Easter eggs to pretty to eat, well you can only imagine how I feel about chocolate animals.

Even though I’m in my 20s I still have quite a childlike outlook on this. It stems from the thought that toys have thoughts and feelings like real people (blame Toy Story if you must). Well I feel the same about the chocolate bunnies etc. They’re too cute. I’ll eat meat because by the time that gets to me it isn’t cute anymore so I don’t have to think of that like a real animal. But I can’t help myself if I see a smily chocolate bunny. I can’t eat it.

However, my cousin has come up with an interesting solution to the issue… If you can call it a solution. You must decapitate them. A swift removal of the head. A fast quick “painless” death so to speak. And I must agree its a method I somewhat agree with. So now if I am faced with food with a face such as a gingerbread man (I still can’t manage to kill the Easter bunnies) it’s straight away OFF WITH HIS HEAD. It just seems to cruel to start with the arms and legs. Butchering the poor little guy while he feels each and every bite.

So if you’re like me and struggle at Easter time, try the decapitation method. It just might make your holidays a little bit easier.


7 thoughts on “Food with a face.

  1. Yes! How to eat the chocolate Easter bunny was always such a dilemma for me. I never thought of making it quick and painless through decapitation, I would debate about which end to start from. I always felt so bad about it. Same with animal crackers.
    What about goldfish crackers? How do you feel about those?

    1. I’ve never tried gold fish crackers. But if they’re like animal crackers I reckon I’d be ok. Since you could eat them just in one bite I never found them such a struggle.

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